Entry: I hate this distance. Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Why is it that custom doll people seem so friendly and yet so cold at the same time? It's like Nat said, a closely knit circle.

I used to feel accepted when Articulate was around. It somehow made things more personal. People that you once admired from afar suddenly knew you existed, and were as friendly as they made themselves out to be. The "closely knit circle" started to unravel. A forum does that, I guess.

Well, Articulate closed down and the distance settled in again. The circle was mended once more.

It makes you feel like you're an annoying newbie or something. Like you're taking up their precious time every comment you leave on their blog.

I hate it.


On a happier note, my dream blythe:

Base by Brent.


August 18, 2004   06:20 PM PDT
Hey, mia, thanks for the nice comment that you made in my blog. I'm going to link your blog, if that's okay.

Now to poke around to see what's going on around here. ^^
August 17, 2004   05:48 PM PDT
Please don't feel that way. When a community gets too big, it's inevitable that we get "ignored" once in a while. I love the idea of forum instead of group, because it's easier for mod to manage, and easier for members to navigate. Hope that will improve the situation.
BTW,...your *cough cough* mailing *cough cough* addy *cough cough*
August 12, 2004   02:28 PM PDT
Humm. I know exactly how you feel about the doll community. The lack of commenting and areas to post with non-newbies (not that I have a thign against newbies) makes it seem like nobody cares. :( Which is really demotivating.

By the way, I'm armeleia. Nice to meet you!

August 12, 2004   12:02 PM PDT
It's a shame that it's gotta feel that way, but I know exactly what you mean. I'm in the process of making a forum myself. You can see the start of it here:
It might change, so don't start using it yet. But I would like to make a.... safehaven...? for the serious doll enthusiasts.

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