Entry: Arharharharhar. Sunday, August 22, 2004

Whats her face dolls are actually kind of calming to play around with. You dont have to worry about joints falling off or flopping around or anything like that, and gee whiz she can stand without assistance. Now to find a way to hide that ugly velcro thing on her head...


October 2, 2004   02:46 AM PDT
>_< The modem chooses the moment I hit "send" to disconnect.

My suggestion was to get some felt and custom make her a hat. My dolls tend to wear a bratz doll berret when they don't have wigs on.

Mmm, it's a great body isn't it? Thick sturdy plastic and even though the dolls didn't take off I think Mattel, if they still have them, should use the bodies for another doll.

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